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By means of testing, you will furnish the necessary proof that your product complies with certain requirements. In co-operation with our partners, a number of  accredited and/or recognised test labs, we can carry out the following tests on your product:

  • EMC tests in compliance with valid standards on
    • rail vehicles
    • rail vehicle components
    • railway telecommunication and signal equipment
    • railway power supply systems and installations
    • appliances, fixed installations and industrial systems
  • EMC tests for compliance with valid environmental safety standards, on both the inside and the outside of
    • rail vehicles
    • fixed installations and industrial systems
  • Influencing tests according to the relevant guidelines and in compliance with the requirements of the Federal German railway network
    • interference currents caused by rail vehicles
    • interference with railway radio transmission caused by rail vehicles
  • Environmental compatibility tests according to valid standards on
    • components of rail vehicles
    • appliances and industrial systems
  • Electrical tests according to valid standards on
    • rail vehicle components
  • Customised EMC tests for special applications

Our aim is
to deliver as quickly as possible reliable test results which clearly indicate whether or not your product complies with legal/contractual requirements.
To this end, we will assist you prior to testing in ascertaining which tests are actually necessary and how your product must be prepared for these tests.
As a general rule, you will receive definitive test results as to whether the requirements are complied with or not directly after the completion of testing. Of course you will also receive detailed test documentation according to EN 17025 upon request, and in the case of non-compliance with the inspection requirements, we will support you in further optimising your product.

Please contact us if your product is required to undergo testing as mentioned above.



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