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EMC Management

We will support you in

  • compliance with EMC standards required by law or contractual agreements through definition of the necessary organisational and/or technical measures, tests and documentation
  • planning, organisation and implementation of EMC-related measures and tests
  • procurement and/or preparation of the required EMC-related evidence and documents

Our aim is clear
On-schedule market launch, commissioning or delivery of your products to your customers will not fail because of EMC-related problems. Our expert knowledge and flexibility will come to your aid exactly where you need it. Please contact us, regardless of whether you want us to take over just certain details or the EMC management of an entire product line.


Ing.-Büro Rörden GmbH
Europaplatz 2
D - 44269 Dortmund

Fon +49 (231) 7005242
Fax +49 (231) 70083742



EMC requirements for railway applications
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